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Let me introduce Rainbow S Volume Brush CANDYLOVE!
Candylove is a sister brand of EYECANDY in Korea.



Toxic Substance Inspection and Design Patents

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  • Point 1.

    Soft and glossy hair presentation

    As the comb moves along the curvature of the hair, it can reduce hair friction, making your hair soft and shiny.
  • Point 2.

    Natural volume styling

    During repeated brushing, A light Air volume is introduced through the Air-hole formed by S-curl Brush , creating a natural volume to a greasy hair.
  • Point 3.

    Smooth protection of your scalp

    The ball tip for scalp protection protects the scalp from scalp irritation and produces a smooth and gentle comb for the scalp.
  • Point 4.

    Any hair styling is OK!

    For any types of hair such as straight, waive perm and short hair, the Air-hole formed by S-curl Brush makes hair naturally be produced.
  • Point 5.

    Comb shines on me

    Various sizes can be used anywhere, including bags, dresser, beauty shops, etc.Mirrors on the back and beautiful comb colors enhance you in some places.

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